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Freedom Imaging Systems - Authorized Reseller Program

Thank you for your interest in our new Freedom Imaging Alliance Partner Program.

This web page is to introduce Freedom Imaging Systems and our Product (RICAR).

We believe RICAR (Record Image Capture and Retrieval) along with our Workflow software (FreeWf) will help your Customers with their Document Management Requirements.

Freedom Imaging Systems is the undisputed price/performance leader in the Enterprise Document Management and the Business Process Management market segment.

What makes Freedom Imaging Systems so Unique?

The phases of RICAR - one or all of which may be implemented - include:

  • Document capture. †The conversion of computer-generated text into our ERM (Enterprise Report Management) solution.
  • Instituting our paperless document workflow procedures into your customerís business processes.

Freedom Imaging is:

  • Highly competitive high-end, integrated enterprise application
  • Much, easier to use with a better modern interface.
  • Quick and easy to implement taking hours and days, not weeks and months.
  • The undisputed price/performance leader in the enterprise content management space.

Freedom created and continues to develop the RICAR software suite - a powerful document management solution - to put you in control of your Customerís document requirements. With RICAR, every document in your customerís organization is just a click away. Critical business information is quickly utilized by many people in multiple locations - right from their notebook or PC desktop. The result is significant time and cost savings for your customerís company.

The Document Management and Workflow Market Segment have hundreds of competitors. However,†Freedom Imaging Systems has been a pioneer in the field of document management since 1995. Evolving with the dynamic industry of Enterprise Document Management, Freedom offers small and large businesses alike the tools they need to streamline their business processes. Freedom provides everything a business needs to collect, capture, store and manage data of any kind. If you have any questions or if we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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