Carilion Laboratories of Roanoke, VA Chooses RICAR for its Electronic Management Software Solution

November, 2010 - Ann Arbor, MI: Carilion Laboratories of Roanoke, VA, a clinical outreach laboratory and recent acquisition of Solstas Laboratory Partners, has streamlined their requisition and EOB processing with the installation of Freedom's RICAR Electronic Content Management software including automated workflow processing and HL7 data feeds.

Solstas Laboratory Partners, a long time client of Freedom Imaging Systems, recently acquired Carilion Laboratories of Roanoke, Virginia.  Solstas immediately implemented Freedom’s RICAR software suite as Carilion’s billing solution.  Prior to the acquisition, Carilion contracted billing to an outside vendor.  Now, using RICAR, front end billing and claims creation is processed onsite in Roanoke, and then sent via Virtual Private Network (VPN) to Solstas headquarters in Greensboro for back end billing and claims posting.

Carilion scans clinical, pathology, and cytology requisitions and Explanations of Benefits (EOBs) onto Freedom’s imaging server using FreeScan, RICAR’s scanning module.  An HL7 data feed is used to link these images to relevant patient information such as Patient Name, Date of Birth, Accession Number, Provider Name, etc.  Patient records are then indexed and available for searching by all of the data gathered and indexed from the HL7.  The documents can be viewed using FreeView, RICAR’s search and retrieval application.  Patient records are sorted into work queues in FreeWf, Freedom’s workflow application, where billers in Greensboro bill them accordingly.  With the installation of RICAR and the elimination of outsourcing, the billing process of Carilion Labs has been streamlined and expedited dramatically decreasing Days Sales Outstanding and improving Revenue Cycle Management.

The following RICAR modules have been installed at Carilion:

  • FreeScan: scanning software that works on a scan station to capture scanned documents, placing them on an imaging server via barcode recognition or manual indexing
  • FreeView: application allowing for three second document/file search and retrieval
  • FreeWf: creates electronic workflows based on a roles/rules application while providing a complete audit trail on all images
  • FreeReplicator: application that allows files captured at a remote site to replicated from a remote server/PC to the RICAR Imaging server via a WAN network connection with VPN


Solstas Lab Partners is one of the largest full-service laboratories in the nation serving healthcare professionals, physician practices, hospitals and medical groups. Our core business of providing accurate, timely and cost-effective laboratory services to clinicians is a testament to our commitment to customer care and service excellence.

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Freedom Imaging Systems has been a pioneer in the field of document management since 1995. Evolving with the dynamic industry of enterprise content management, Freedom offers small and large businesses alike the tools they need to streamline their business processes. Freedom provides everything a business needs to collect, capture, store and manage data of any kind. In 1995, Freedom created the first version of RICAR (Record Image Capture And Retrieval), their breakthrough document management solution.

RICAR is fully scalable and is easily modified to fit the needs of any type of business. RICAR processes and manages documents ranging from employment applications to explanation of benefits records, for customers ranging from car dealerships to clinical laboratories. RICAR is a software system that can be utilized among many fields and across every department. RICAR also provides users with a complete audit trail making regulatory compliance effortless.

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