Enterprise Content Management

Improve efficiencies across your organization. Save staff resources and ensure prompt routing of documents; invoices, purchase orders, requisitions, applications and more.

Improve efficiencies... Save staff... and more.

RICAR Enterprise Content Management

  • Increase Productivity.
  • Improve security and compliance with regulatory requirements for documents.
  • Automate and streamline your operations and tasks.
  • Integrate with your other line of business applications.
  • Flexible solutions designed for the unique needs of your organization.

Enterprise Content Management — RICAR Style

A defined process that will allow you to manage all your content so that it's organized, easy to access, from anywhere, at any time. Improving your effectiveness and quality, productivity and compliance.

Let Freedom help you maximize your content and how it is used.

Additional RICAR applications will make your organization more competitive, by being more efficient. Automate your indexing and your data becomes much more reliable.


Are documents automatically indexed and routed?

Yes! The information system (IS) you use is most likely the epicenter of your business. RICAR serves as the bridge between your documents and your information system. Data garnered from your IS can drive workflow processes in FreeWf for automated business process management.

RICAR has the capability of processing numerous types of data files, ranging from CSV to HL7. Documents and items captured, link with demographic or other relevant information, automatically populating indexes and allowing users to search using a variety of relevant criteria, without ever having to manually enter a thing.

Minimize errors with automation while improving productivity and efficiency.

For more information about RICAR enterprise content management solutions, call one of our Freedom specialists to learn more or request a demo.


Looking for a solution to process 835/ERA files?

Freedom's FreeX12 Processor automatically captures and introduces raw ANSI Standard X12 files and data into the RICAR server for searching, viewing, workflow and archiving and at the same time improving operational efficiencies. The processor creates humanreadable formats that are easy to find and process from any Standard ANSI X12 file.

The FreeX12 Processor includes Freedom's workflow module — FreeWf. With automatic posting to your billing system and denials automatically routed to work queues you'll reduce processing time on secondary/tertiary billing.

Your return on investment will be quick and easily measured.

To learn more about FreeX12 click here, watch a demo or give us a call.