Provides comprehensive solutions that allow anyone to easily find any document, file or content throughout your organization and from any site in the world.


Provides comprehensive solutions that allow anyone to easily find any content...

Our customers have options for viewing their data and documents quickly by choosing from one of RICAR's search and retrieve applications; one designed for their specific circumstances.


FreeView is RICAR's client side application that typically is loaded on your Local and Wide Area Network (WAN) desktops. The FreeView application made its first debut back in the nineties, but continues to provide split second search and retrieve response. FreeView is an intuitive and simple tool for access and has been used for millions and millions of searches. We have purposely designed our applications with user training in mind too. Typical training sessions are less than 30 minutes! This stuff shouldn't be more complicated than opening a filing cabinet and we have designed this for ease of use!

FreeView Cloud

FreeView Cloud is great for those employee and customers that don't have direct or VPN access to your network. You are able to provide complete controlled access through the secure login, but once in FreeView Cloud provides all the functionality of the client version of FreeView. No need for separate training on any one of the apps; once you know one, you know them all.

FreeViewWeb *

On the go and you don't have your laptop with you? No problem! Find a browser, log into your document and content website and search away. FreeViewWeb is great for those times when you just need quick anywhere access.

Other Remote Access Options

Citrix / VMWare / Terminal Services — All the major (and some of the minor) vendors are in production. Everything needed to deploy our applications in your preferred environment is available without any hidden costs. We won't hold back your access.

There's nothing like being able to find any document in your organization in less than 3 seconds. If you haven't deployed an enterprise management system yet, what are you waiting for? This technology has been around since the 1950's! It is a proven time and cost saver.

* Applications access over the web require the inclusion of RICAR's web solution. The web solution can be set up to run within your environment or at Freedom's redundant and secure data center.