• Your search and retrieval time will be reduced by 200%!

    Search and retrieve your documents in under 3-seconds.

  • Seeing is believing.

    Take a 30-minute tour to learn how the #1 ranked hospital in the nation improved their workflow.

  • Automate your billing process to save staff resources and ensure prompt payment.

    Integrate with any accounts payable system and eliminate a layer of data entry.

Are you drowning in documents?

RICAR by Freedom Imaging Systems is a state of the art document and content management software suite. You'll discover it can streamline your business processes, reduce your operating costs, and improve your efficiencies providing a return on investment typically within the first six months to one year.

RICAR content and document management software provides comprehensive capture solutions for any document, file or content throughout your organization and from any site in the world with internet access. It automates every day time consuming tasks, freeing up knowledge workers time to be spent on important responsibilities! It's fully scalable and easily modified to fit the needs of any type of business.

We customize our processes to meet your needs. You imagine it — we'll create it. Feel free to take a look around, watch a demo, and when you're ready, give us a call. Let's talk about what type of documents are piling up or bogging you down.



Search and retrieve documents in 3-seconds. No more wasting time hunting for documents. Save money on storage fees and rid yourself of all the files and cabinets.

Business Processes

Business Processes

Automate and streamline your business processes, operations and tasks. Interface with any Information System.



Save staff resources and ensure prompt routing of documents; invoices, purchase orders, requisitions, applications and more.

Benefits of a Quality Document Management System:

  • Cost savings through reduced manpower and storage.
  • Automation of everyday time consuming tasks.
  • Capture documents and make them easily accessible and viewable to those who need them from virtually anywhere.
  • Streamline your business processes.