“But this is the way we've always done it!”

Ah, the classic response to change. Phrases like this inspire the members of Freedom's Solutions team! We like to respond to comments like this with a quote from Albert Einstein:

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


“But this is the way we've always done it!”

Often, in the midst of the daily grind, it can be difficult to think about doing something in a more efficient way than how it happens today. Businesses and departments everywhere suffer from what Freedom has diagnosed as "processing stagnation" (PS). Processing stagnation is defined as failure to progress, streamline, and evolve daily business processes. PS is typically cured by embracing technology and its benefits of business process management.

Experience faster interdepartmental processing, sharing of critical information with those who have security rights. Instantly access human resource documents. Speed up the processing in accounting and finance by allowing departments and decision makers to share information.

Luckily, our solutions team is able to quickly diagnose and remedy PS by creating solutions tailored to your needs with Freedom's RICAR software.

Click on the links below to read about sample solutions for your business or department.

Starting from the capture component all the way through the archival and storage component, including everything in between, Freedom has the tools to manage your human resources documents and drive your workflow processes. Regardless of what Human Resources Information System (HRIS) utilized, Freedom has experience integrating and ...MORE

Speed up your processes and reduce duplications with RICAR ECM software. Enjoy unlimited access to accounting documents controlled by multiple security options. With our workflow application FreeWf, accounting documents can be worked and sent throughout the department electronically, allowing for auditing of productivity as well as ...MORE


The purchasing process can be complicated, often including multiple documents traveling to and from different departments. RICAR's workflow program FreeWf was designed for situations just like these. Moving documents from one department to another for approval or review is as simple as clicking a button on your screen. Add notes to the document at any time and view an audit trail of the document instantaneous to see where it has been. Contact a Freedom representative today for a demonstration on how RICAR can improve your purchasing operation!


Whether you have a dedicated department or one person in charge of handling the shipping and receiving process, the documents involved are numerous. From packing slips to shipping notifications, each document is important in the process. With RICAR, every document is consolidated in one place for easy access for everyone. Incorporating an electronic workflow can take processing to a new level — streamlining and consolidating a complicated process from beginning to end. Contact a Freedom Solutions Expert today for more information or a demonstration on the power of RICAR to manage your shipping and receiving documents.

Client Records

Regardless of the focus of your business, referring to and compiling client records and documentation are no doubt a part of your typical work day. How long would it take you to find a given client's contract signed three years ago? Freedom's viewing software, FreeView, allows you to access any document in less time than it took you to answer that question! The benefits of a central repository for client records are endless. Instantaneous retrieval, anywhere access for all employees around the globe, as well as secure and compliant virtual storage. Contact a Freedom representative today to schedule a demo of our RICAR software.

Increase the speed and processing of your accounts receivable (AR) through the use of a bank lockbox and Freedom's RICAR Lockbox Solution. You'll save your business hours, perhaps days of labor per week along with an improved, streamlined and more secure method for processing payments and correspondence. The data from the bank can be used to automate routing and processing within RICAR workflow. The checks and documents are scanned for the banks' records and optical character recognition (OCR) is used to capture ...MORE