EHR's were not designed for innovation. You still have to extract the data. With RICAR, we do that for you. We help streamline your processes and automate workflow — as a result decrease your DSO's.

Healthcare Solutions

Managing content and documents is a challenge for most industries, but it is probably safe to say the healthcare industry has the hardest job. With healthcare initiatives and mandates constantly changing, compliance is more of a priority than ever. Today HIPAA violation penalties impose up to $1.5 million in fines; Freedom understands the importance of securing healthcare content and patient information.

Freedom's first document management solution was developed for a clinical laboratory. From that initial installation, Freedom has developed solutions for various sectors of the healthcare industry, hundreds of clients and thousands of customers across the country.

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Are your requisitions electronically queued for billing data entry?

A laboratory requisition was the first document scanned with Freedom software back in 1995. The clinical laboratory environment is no stranger to the Freedom team. Our original document capture solution was developed for a requisition but quickly expanded into the other areas of the clinical laboratory including: billing, customer service, purchasing, accounting, contract administration, phlebotomy and human resources.

Today, requisitions are scanned, queued for billing data entry (BDE) and entered or automated into the workflow process — think revenue cycle management (RCM). MORE…

Medical Records

Are your Medical Records easily accessible and integrated with other processes?

Freedom's RICAR is an ideal solution for your paper-based patient medical records. Whether you need to clear out the back room or want to integrate your legacy paper records into your EMR or EHR, Freedom has a solution.

Using Freedom's RICAR solution FreeScan application, quickly and easily capture and index entire patient files in just moments. RICAR can take advantage of any capture device.

Optical Character Recognition can be used for Forms Recognition and to automatically identify and classify document types (i.e., physician notes, lab reports, etc.) for specific business process management routing or just ease of record searching. MORE…

*Up to 3-months with any signed RICAR 1-year minimum contract.

Revenue Cycle Management

Are you patient focused? Do you have long patient hold times?

With the many changes in healthcare, we're turning to a more patient centric focus. If you're struggling to manage your claims, spending an exorbitant amount of time handling patient correspondence and explanation of benefits (EOB's), RICAR Accent enterprise content management (ECM) software can change all that. Are patients experiencing long hold times as they call to inquire about a bill? Move your data closer to the end-user — your patient and you'll discover reduced hold times. Your correspondence, EOB's are all right there at your fingertips for easy retrieval.

The patient is your best path to lower DSO's — and by that we mean "days sales NOT outstanding!"

Generate a completely digital, electronic and auditable solution for every task associated with the Revenue Cycle Management process. MORE…

Central Scheduling

How long does it take to find an order and schedule a patient procedure?

If your patient's are experiencing long hold times and representatives are frustrated with a "search and find" mission to locate ordering requisitions — we have a solution for you!

With our RICAR Accent enterprise content management software, requisitions coming from outside ordering doctors are digitally faxed, landing in workflow within secords for indexing and scheduling. Now, when a patient calls in the representative can pull up the patients record quickly in RICAR's FreeWf (workflow), use the healthcare system's scheduling system to book the appointment. RICAR automatically prints the records to a printer located at the diagnostic testing center 48 hours prior to the appointment. No search and find at diagnostic center either. All the requisitions are there waiting for them in chronological order when they start the day. Can't get much easier than that. MORE…