Human Resources

Ripped from today's headlines from Bloomberg BNA ( - "Most HR Departments Lagging Behind in Integrating Technology". Human Resources departments today are facing unique challenges
as paper becomes obsolete and hiring processes are digitalized. Problems arise as multiple systems are utilized for different functions within the department. The push towards new technology means integrating disparate systems, which may not always be a possibility.


Lack of accessibility of employee records

Lack of organization of employee records

Storage requirements for employee records

Lack of consistent workflow and redundant processing

Lack of critical data and analytics


Starting from the capture component all the way through the archival and storage component, including everything in between, Freedom has the tools to manage your human resources documents and drive your workflow processes. Regardless of what Human Resources Information System (HRIS) utilized, Freedom has experience integrating and bridging the gap betwen your HRIS and your documemts.

Accessibility and organization problems? The RICAR (Record Image Capture and Retrieval) suite of software provides users with unfettered access - as long as they have the proper security credentials. With this method, sensitive documents can be separated from regular documents and securely locked down so only select employees may view. With an innate hierarchical indexing method, common events such as name changes and terminations are handled easily within the system. One change of an index value for an employee document will populate the change for EVERY document belonging to that employee. So, after Mary Smith finally marries John Doe, changing her name once updates ten years' worth of documents automatically within her file.

File cabinets of employee records taking up space in a back room of the office? RICAR enables you to digitalize those documents and take storage to the next level - on your server or in the cloud.

Are you finding it difficult to manage and document your workflow processes? Are you finding redundancy in the processing of your documents? The workflow experts at Freedom can help. The FreeWf program is the RICAR workflow software solution. Freedom Workflow experts collaborate with you to document your current processes and then translate them into electronic processes. Understanding your processes allows the team to integrate the automation and business process management features of FreeWf into a new electronic and automated workflow.

The built in audit trail and reporting components of the RICAR system provide the critical analysis and audit information your Human Resources department requires to be successful and compliant.

Speak with a Freedom representative today to see how RICAR can squelch the fears of integrating technology into your Human Resources Department.