Freedom created the Record Image Capture and Retrieval (RICAR) system to protect your important business content in a centralized and secure location while providing access from any location in the world.

Premier enterprise content management and workflow solution provider.

RICAR Products

Premier enterprise content management and workflow solution provider.

RICAR enterprise content management (ECM) software is a complete and powerful solution that puts you in control of all your business information required to manage and run a successful business. Once under control, we can drive content through your business processes, either by simulating your manual processes electronically and/or working in conjunction with your other line of business applications to automatically control the business process management (BPM) systems you've developed. RICAR provides you total visibility and status of any document, process and information.

With RICAR, every important piece of data in your organization is just a click away. You have the option to deploy within your building, your datacenter or Freedom's secure cloud datacenter. Critical business information is quickly accessed and utilized securely by anyone from anywhere.

The result is an all-inclusive and flexible solution that provides significant time and cost savings for your company with a measurable return on investment.

The RICAR software suite is a complete package that includes all components needed to allow you to tailor solutions that meet the specific needs of any department, division or enterprise.

The RICAR enterprise content management (ECM) software suite includes:


Freedom's ECM software has a capture solution for all your files; paper documents, digital files, emails — data can be automatically captured and indexed into the secure system.


Access your documents, content and data conveniently within the office, via the cloud or from any location that has web access.

Workflow / Processing

Automate and streamline your business processes, operations and tasks with Freedom's FreeWf — save staff resources and ensure prompt routing of documents and forms. Interface with any Information System. Watch a demo to learn how to easily manage, control and audit your processes from your desktop.


RICAR comes complete with a full range of productivity reports to provide both real-time and static data to help track your data and user productivity. Easily produce reports to monitor and analyze the health of the system and every process.


The RICAR system is designed to fit into our customers' enterprise storage strategy and to work within a Microsoft Windows environment. Whether our experts can assist with designing a storage solution for your data, taking advantage of existing storage area networks (SAN) or providing redundant storage in Freedom's cloud based data centers — we have the solution to securely store and protect your data. Record management, access control, and destruction policies are built in as well.


Freedoms' RICAR system integrates with your other line-of-business applications and enterprise systems. Automate record updating, indexing and process routing based on any data provided from any disparate system or application.

Freedom's RICAR Suite has all the components needed to build an Enterprise Content Management solution.

Since 1995, Freedom Imaging Systems has successfully implemented enterprise content management (ECM) solutions across the country, including Fortune 500 corporations. Every year our customers utilize Freedoms RICAR system to digitalize and process over half a million records. We have a proven product that successfully competes with the big box software providers. With 20 years invested and a loyal following of customers — some with us since the beginning because we continue to provide them with solutions! You can count on us for a quality product and reliable customer support, 24/7/365. We will customize a solution to meet your needs. When you're ready, give us a call and let's schedule a demo. Seeing is believing.