The RICAR system is designed to work within a Microsoft Windows environment. The RICAR system can sit on your premises, in a data center or in a cloud where users can securely login and access it from anywhere in the world.


The RICAR system is designed to... sit on your premises, in a data center or in a cloud...and access it from anywhere in the world

The RICAR System is designed to run within a Microsoft Windows environment and its architecture is designed to fit within the framework of your supported infrastructure. The RICAR software utilizes Microsoft database products and the system runs in the cloud or on-premise with a physical machine or virtual environments and supports terminal service applications such as Citrix and VMWare.


RICAR's design and architecture is flexible and accommodating to allow our customers to exploit a variety of storage options and minimize the cost associated with storing electronic files. The RICAR storage system is versatile and constructed to run in a physical, virtual or cloud environment. We configure our solutions so that they operate using shared storage structures our customers currently have deployed including a Storage Area Network (SAN), Network Area Storage (NAS), within server storage (RAID) and cloud storage solutions. We can also design a state of the art and compliant storage solution on premise, in Freedom's cloud environment or a contracted data center for your Freedom system.

Physical servers may include internal (and/or external) hard drives and a RICAR system set up on a physical server will typically contain several (virtual or physical) drives; an example of a physical server would contain four (4) mirrored or RAID drives to maintain the A) operating system, B) database, C) the RICAR applications and D) images.

Comprehensive On-Premises & Flexibly Hybrid Cloud Platform Options


The instant a document, form or record is captured, the RICAR system creates a recoverable and stored item for retrieval, back-up and disaster recovery. The RICAR system is designed to simplify the archiving process and items are stored outside of the database (the database stores document and content outside and is not a BLOb). The database and capture content require regular and frequent back-ups and the RICAR system is configurable to either piggy-back on your corporate back-up schema or our technical team can assist with creating a secure and reliable solution for long-term archiving and disaster recovery.

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