January 2012, Ann Arbor, Mich - Freedom Imaging Systems announces 5010 capability of FreeX12, its EOB/835 processor solution.

January 1st, 2012 was a special occasion for most people around the world. The start of a new year customarily means new beginnings and new resolutions. For those in the healthcare industry, January 1st also served as a deadline--the deadline to be 5010 compliant.

In 2009, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the transition to HIPAA Version 5010. According to the CMS website:

"The Secretary adopted version 5010 to replace the current version of the X12 standard that covered entities (health plans, health care clearinghouses, and certain health care providers) must use when conducting electronic transactions including: claims (professional, institutional and dental), claims status requests and responses, payment to providers, eligibility requests and responses, referral requests and responses, enrollment and disenrollment in a health plan, Coordination of Benefits and premium payments."

The health industry has taken measures to prepare for the 5010 conversion for the past two years, and so has Freedom! Freedom's innovative FreeX12 software was initially created as a solution for 835/EOB processing when version 4010 was standard. FreeX12 is now completely updated and processing 5010 835 files.

FreeX12 processor has the distinctive capability of importing any ANSI standard EDI (835, 837, 270, 271, etc.) and automatically indexing it at a batch and patient level. What once was only a dream for many billing companies - automation of the back end billing process - is completely attainable with FreeX12.

Imagine being able to look up and email or print a patient's individual record in less than 30 seconds. No more tedious and time consuming process of batch printing and using permanent markers to redact other patient health information.

Imagine looking up a patient's individual claim and seeing a descriptive page header and code key describing each relevant adjudication code.

Imagine opening up an application to find a queue of denial code specific claims to work every morning.

Years of experience in the healthcare billing industry has shown the Freedom team what works and what is desirable in attaining efficiency and profitability. FreeX12 Processor eliminates the paper and produces a seamless automated process that allows your company to better utilize its time and resources.

5010 compliance is mandatory; dramatically improving your billing process is a choice.

Contact Freedom today to schedule an online demonstration of FreeX12, and to see how Freedom can help you improve your bottom line while creating efficiencies and a tangible return on investment.


Freedom Imaging Systems has been a pioneer in the field of document management since 1995. Evolving with the dynamic industry of enterprise content management, Freedom offers small and large businesses alike the tools they need to streamline their business processes. Freedom provides everything a business needs to collect, capture, store and manage data of any kind. In 1995, Freedom created the first version of RICAR (Record Image Capture And Retrieval), their breakthrough document management solution.

RICAR is fully scalable and is easily modified to fit the needs of any type of business. RICAR processes and manages documents ranging from employment applications to explanation of benefits records, for customers ranging from car dealerships to clinical laboratories. RICAR is a software system that can be utilized among many fields and across every department. RICAR also provides users with a complete audit trail making regulatory compliance effortless.

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