Solstas Lab Partners Continues to Implement RICAR in New Acquisition Laboratories

Solstas Lab Partners acquires Southern Diagnostic Laboratories of Birmingham, AL and implements RICAR scanning and workflow for requisition billing.

Birmingham, AL -- In August, Solstas Lab Partners acquired yet another laboratory, this time in the beautiful southern metropolis of Birmingham, Alabama. Southern Diagnostic Laboratories (SDL) was founded in 2003 and has become one of the fastest growing companies in the region. SDL is a clinical and pathology laboratory with locations throughout Alabama and Mississippi. SDL provides a wide variety of testing services including anatomic pathology, cytology, hematology, microbiology, molecular, serology and more. With this acquisition, Solstas Lab Partners expands its growth and identity in the south as one of the nation’s leading laboratories.

Freedom visited Birmingham in January to install its document and content management software, RICAR. With the integration of Southern, requisitions remotely scanned in Birmingham are sent directly to workflow queues in Greensboro, North Carolina for the Solstas billing team experts to process. This seamless transition allows real time billing of requisitions, providing the most efficient and profitable billing practices. The installation of RICAR also allows access to requisitions not only for employees in Birmingham and Greensboro, but also for Southern and Solstas employees at remote sites and patient service centers across the region. These users (with the proper security settings) can view requisitions remotely from anywhere with an Internet connection using FreeViewWeb, RICAR’s web-based viewer.

Additional sites integrate effortlessly into the Solstas billing process because of the capabilities of RICAR. The dynamic qualities of the RICAR system allow Solstas to seamlessly grow and expand across the country. Freedom is privileged to be a part of the success and advancement of Solstas Lab Partners across the country.


Solstas Lab Partners, formed through a merger of two hospital-based labs, is one of the largest full-service laboratories in the nation. We support the unique needs of our clients and their patients with a full range of clinical, anatomic pathology and esoteric testing services. Our goal is to help you improve the health and well-being of your patients through the offering of a broad range of test menus and services in convenient patient service locations, while making available a suite of advanced client connectivity solutions for the seamless ordering of tests and retrieval of results.

The name, Solstas Lab Partners and all that it stands for, is about building long-lasting relationships with our clients through our core values of service excellence and customer care. These ideals are put into action everyday by our team of experienced, dedicated professionals who provide an exceptional level of personalized service and operational excellence.(source:


Freedom Imaging Systems has been a pioneer in the field of document management since 1995. Evolving with the dynamic industry of enterprise content management, Freedom offers small and large businesses alike the tools they need to streamline their business processes. Freedom provides everything a business needs to collect, capture, store and manage data of any kind. In 1995, Freedom created the first version of RICAR (Record Image Capture And Retrieval), their breakthrough document management solution.

RICAR is fully scalable and is easily modified to fit the needs of any type of business. RICAR processes and manages documents ranging from employment applications to explanation of benefits records, for customers ranging from car dealerships to clinical laboratories. RICAR is a software system that can be utilized among many fields and across every department. RICAR also provides users with a complete audit trail making regulatory compliance effortless.

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