Integration doesn't get any better than this

Quick survey... Are you familiar with either of the following statements?

  • A)  There HAS to be an easier way to do this!
  • B)  My time is TOO VALUABLE to waste on something as simple as this!

What would you say if we told you that you likely hold the keys to optimization, automation, task reduction, and efficiency within your existing healthcare information systems?

That's right, the information is there, simply waiting to be harvested to make all of your dreams of automation and efficiency a reality.

Your next thought might be...great! Awesome! I love when solutions have been sitting in front of my nose all along! So you're saying the information is there, but, how do I use it?

Well, that's where Freedom's HL7 Processing Engine comes in...

Integration doesn't get any better than this

Most healthcare entities, including hospitals, laboratories, physicians, clinics and diagnostic providers typically have many different computer systems, including EMR and EHR, that can be used for everything from laboratory test tracking, billing (claims and accounts receivable) to patient scheduling. Many of these systems communicate with each other through something called an HL7 file.

Within each HL7 file is valuable information relevant to a specific patient. HL7 files include segments and each segment contains specific data. Once the HL7 file is uploaded, Freedom's HL7 Processing Engine mines the data allowing for sorting, consolidation, and automation including the actual creation of a requisition. Freedom's HL7 Processing Engine is designed to work with any and all HL7 files, generated from any and all systems currently used by your organization.


The right tools can mean the difference between several minutes per record to never touching a record at all. RICAR's HL7 Processing Engine automatically identifies, sorts, routes and completes records.

RICAR uses HL7 files for Automation

RICAR uses the HL7 file to route and sort items according to your specifications. Multiple HL7 files from multiple systems (i.e., EMR/EHR, Lab Information System, Pathology System, and Billing System) can be processed by RICAR to automate and streamline multiple tasks in your workflow. Files that have missing information are automatically sorted into Edit queues. Records for which the billing system already successfully filed a claim are automatically flagged as Complete without any human intervention.

What does all of this mean for you? It means your expensive knowledge workers are no longer required for unnecessary processing and are instead automatically presented only records which require their expertise and precious time.

HL7 file to form creation? Say it isn't so!

Even with the best intentions, the best systems in place, forms and requisitions can disappear - it's human error. In the case of receiving electronic orders from your physician and clients, lost forms (i.e., requisitions, patient records/orders) can be regenerated into a human readable document from HL7 file(s) that provides an alternate and digital record. Billing can utilize the regenerated form for insurance claims submission; the laboratory can use it for reference and auditing.

So let's see what an HL7 file can do for your Revenue Cycle Management — click here.

Not a bean counter? Looking for Laboratory solutions — click here.

To stay competitive, it's important to keep information within your organization safe, secure and accessible — quickly and efficiently. If you're interested in speaking with one of our document management specialists about ways Freedom's HL7 Processing Engine, document & content management solutions or RICAR software can help your organization, contact us by phone 734.327.5600.

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