Workflow & Business Processes

Streamline your business processes with RICAR's FreeWf — workflow and save staff resources and ensure prompt routing of documents and forms. Automate record updating, indexing and process routing based on any data provided from any disparate system or application.

Workflow & Business Processes

Streamline your business processes with RICAR's FreeWf...

Think outside the box.

How many times has someone told you to do this in order to find a solution to a problem? Easier said than done.

"Hey, we've done it this way since 1978!"

Enter Freedom Imaging Systems! The experts of Freedom's team will work with you to take your processing power to a new level. The muscle of RICAR's workflow program along with with years of experience streamlining and integrating paper processes with electronic synergies adds up to the ultimate combination to maximize and enhance the efficiency of your operations.

FreeWf • Workflow • Business Processes

FreeWf (Workflow) was created to empower you and your employees. Too often knowledge workers are caught taking care of the most menial and time-consuming tasks. Our goal as workflow experts is to streamline your process in a way that maximizes the capacity of your team.

Workflow Queue Moves
Since 1/1/2014

Our clients are working and moving thousands of documents daily through workflow. With a rules and roles based system you determine the rules — workflow action and trigger time.

Workflow Admin

You control the workflow.

Customize and build your own workflow:

  • Create roles
  • Add users
  • Create work queues
  • Define routing
  • Monitor your productivity

Business Process Management (BPM)

Wow — that's a mouthful — but it's something that has been a hot topic in the business world ever since Processing Re-engineering became a standard a few decades ago. What exactly is "business process management"? For Freedom, BPM simply means enlisting the innovative technology of the RICAR system to make your business do more with less.

Every organization has business processes. And those processes need to be managed in the most efficient way possible. In today's competitive environment, your enterprise may find that as the frequency of your orders increase you may also need a solution to adapt to changing demands that include shorter cycle times, faster information transfers and quicker decisions.

RICAR's FreeWf works independently or in conjunction with your other line-of-business applications; by harnessing your information technology to support business processes, FreeWf uses methods, techniques and software designed to enact, control, improve and analyse your operational processes.

Freedom's workflow solution provides operational control ensuring specific tasks are carried out effectively and efficiently. Managers can be assured that resources are used to their fullest extent to meet corporate objectives. FreeWf provides management tools to focus on their core competency including compliance and governance, revenue-generating processes and cost components crucial to the fulfilment of business goals.

Stop the Paper Shuffle

No need to be ashamed. We understand the difficulty in change. In fact, in many cases we become "change counsellors" for our clients. We pride ourselves in helping people find the value in ridding themselves of the paper security blanket. The built-in auditing tools of the RICAR system make the transition effortless. The time savings in retrieving and working documents electronically is immediate and measurable.

Let Freedom's experts become a part of your team to understand, manage and improve your processing, and take it to another level with the RICAR system.